Level 1B

Level 1B is first in the series. At this level, the text and the illustrations are kept simple and distraction free. There is a two-part design: a vocabulary section and a reading for meaning section. In the vocabulary section, the reader is asked to look at an illustration and then circle the word that corresponds to the illustration. In the reading for meaning section, there are illustrated texts (usually just a few words, or at most one sentence) and the reader is required to perform a direct match between what the question is asking and what is in the text.

The two-part design is used at this level because readers at this level comprise two groups: those who have strong vocabulary skills and those who have strong decoding skills. Looking at which part of the assessment the reader struggles with should help determine whether the reader would benefit from focusing on improving vocabulary or improving decoding skills. These skills are interwoven in the upper levels.

Readers’ Skills

At this level, readers can identify and use simple, common, concrete vocabulary. They can also use common structures as guidance (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, prices) and know where to write their name in a form. Additionally, they can understand simple lists (e.g., shopping lists, simple menus).

Package includes:

  • Tests (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Answer Keys (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Results Feedback Form

Download Level 1B Resources here.  


    Results Feedback Form