Level 3A

Level 3A is sixth in the series. Texts are similar in length to those of level 2C, regularly spanning two pages but can be longer; there is also a combination of prose and document style within a single text. Although there are still some complex cycle and integrate style questions, readers now regularly need to answer generate style questions. To answer questions readers will find some of the answers in the text and will have to generate from their own knowledge.


Readers’ Skills

At this level, readers can navigate through longer and more complex texts (relative to the level 2C), manage conditional information, and complete complex cycling processes to answer questions. There are two key differences in skill at this level, relative to the previous level. At level 2C, readers can identify and choose multiple pieces of information including all examples within a set. At Level 3A, readers can now compare and contrast examples within a set and put the set in a requested order. They also exhibit the ability to generate ideas and opinions by integrating information from a text with background knowledge from outside the text.


Package includes:

  • Tests (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Answer Keys (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Results Feedback Form


Download Level 3A Resources here.  


    Results Feedback Forms