Level 2B

Level 2B is forth in the series. The texts are mostly longer than the level 2A texts and many are now organized by various headings. At this level, readers also face more complex questions. There are still locate and cycling style questions, but given the longer nature of the text, these questions are more complex than those found at level 2A. Additionally, integrate style questions start to appear; these require the reader to gather information from multiple parts of the text and combine that information to create the answer.


Readers’ Skills

At this level, readers can complete complex searches for information and complex cycling within a text. They can use text structure (e.g., headings, subheadings, map legends) to find information and they understand relationships between various parts of a text. Not only can they manage longer and more complex texts, but they can also handle text-based distractions, such as the use of synonyms and information that is irrelevant to the answer being sought. Readers at this level can manage conditional information presented in texts and suggested in questions, and identify subsets from a list.


Package includes:

  • Tests (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Answer Keys (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Results Feedback Form


Download Level 2B Resources here.  


    Results Feedback Form