Level 2C

Level 2C is fifth in the series. At this level, the texts get considerably longer and regularly span two pages; there is also more integration of prose and document parts within one text. Readers are challenged with more difficult questions. Although there are still some cycle style questions, this level focuses on asking the reader to demonstrate their ability to integrate information from various parts of the text to formulate answers. Also, generate style questions start to be asked at this level; these questions require a reader to use the presented information to produce a new answer that is not explicit in the text.


Readers’ Skills

At this level, readers can navigate through longer and more complex texts (relative to the level 2B), manage conditional information, and complete complex cycling processes to answer questions. The key difference in skill at this level is that readers can identify and choose multiple pieces of information including all examples within a set, such as by listing all causes of migraines based on a text that lists multiple causes in separate paragraphs.


Package includes:

  • Tests (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Answer Keys (Semi-Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Circle)
  • Results Feedback Form


Download Level 2C Resources here.  



    Results Feedback Form