The Resource

Read Forward consists of the following components:

The User Guide:

  • Introduction, which describes Read Forward, its structure and design considerations.
  • How Read Forward Works, which explains the unique design of Read Forward and how to optimize using it in your program.
  • How to Use Each Level, which describes the reading skills, explains the test format and provides specific instructions on how to prepare, administer, mark and give feedback on tests specific to each level.
  • Appendices, which provide more information on reading theories, Alberta Reading Benchmarks, and references to resources.


The Reading Skills:

  •  A table that organizes the reading skills used in each Read Forward level


The tests and forms used in Read Forward:

  • Locators: This section contains six files: two locator tests, two locator answer keys, and two score sheets.
  • Levels: This section contains six sub-sections, one for each of the levels, in which you will find:
  • Five Tests for each level
  • Answer Key with Reading Skills, which provides the answers for all five tests within the level
  • Results Feedback Forms, which can be used for each of the five tests within the level


The supplementary material:

  • There are four Learning Activities that provide opportunities to practise a specific reading skill from each of the first four levels of Read Forward.